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Info for TMJD and Headache Sufferers

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder (TMJD or TMJ syndrome) is an affliction of the jaw normally caused by clenching and/or grinding of the teeth. TMJD pain is not isolated to the jaw, however. Those who do experience this affliction can end up suffering from overly tight muscles of the neck, back, pectoral muscles and shoulders, they can … Continue reading Info for TMJD and Headache Sufferers

Alyson’s Recommended Items

Below is a list of various products, resources and methods that I find incredibly useful in my personal attempt to maintain optimal health. Typically, massage alone does not relieve your life of pain. Focusing on good posture, correct ergonomics, stretching, a healthy diet, exercise and good mental health are only some of the other factors … Continue reading Alyson’s Recommended Items

Remedies For Sprains, Strains, Jams and Inflammation

A hand injury for a massage therapist is a terrible thing.

A hand injury on the index finger and joint of the dominant hand for a massage therapist during a big move and expansion is a really terrible thing!

For some reason yesterday, 3-4 days after the incident, was the worst of them all. Opening a door with my right hand was impossible, the resistance of a rubber band around my pointer was excruciating and any contact with it was unbearable.

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