After Hours Building Access

Out of respect for the other businesses in our building, both the front and rear doors are locked after 5pm and on the weekends. We have placed a lock box at the rear door to allow our clients access in to the building during these times.

There are two lock boxes at the rear door, ours is #3. There is a little black flap that you push down and then enter code that is provided to you by your practitioner. The key inside the lock box unlocks both deadbolts. Once you’ve unlocked the doors, you can either pop the key back in the lockbox and scramble the numbers or simply bring it up to your practitioner. (We apologize if this process seems tedious or causes any inconvenience!)


For those leaving the building after normal business hours one or both locks may be locked. The top lock (deadbolt) is backwards so you turn it right to unlock it, then push the paddle further down on the door (and give it a little oomph) and you’re all set – the door will re-lock behind you.