Defeating Wellness Industry Business Flaws

Hi, my name is Alyson Schlobohm. I am the founder of Lakeside Wellness and a practicing massage therapist.

I started Lakeside Wellness to defeat a couple of conundrums that I have constantly witnessed (or been a part of) during my tenure in the wellness industry:

  • Situation A: there is one owner of a practice who runs the show and hires other practitioners as independent contractors to work on commission. 
  • Situation B: there is a suite or building in which several different businesses exist, most often with each business possessing a different name, and each renter is completely on their own to run and build their respective business.

In both situations, some pretty significant issues arise. In the former, the hired independent contractor makes a fraction of what they would if they ran their own business and in the latter the public is often confused by the setup and there is a tremendous amount of marketing, branding, networking and referring that is completely missed.

On top of this, many practitioners voice their desire to run their own shop but feel overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start.

So, after six long years of thinking about opening up my own shop I finally developed an idea that I truly believe will benefit every party involved – the practitioners who work here, our clients and myself.

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