The Lakeside Wellness Business Model

Lakeside Wellness is a shared room rental where as a practitioner you will keep 100% of your earnings. To the public, we will appear to be a cohesive business although legally each practitioner will remain a completely separate entity.

So what does all of this mean?

First of all, that you only pay for the time that you need. Since most practitioners don’t work 7 days a week, rooms are rented by the half and full day. 

Additionally, our business model incorporates a TON of extra marketing, administrative and convenience features such as a linen service, fully furnished rooms, online scheduling, online/instant gift certificates and a ton more (see next page) – all completely optional AND already included in your monthly rent! The concept is for each practitioner to basically be able to “walk in and work”!

Lakeside Wellness also does not operate on commissions nor collect your payments. You collect payments and control how you receive them. I am not anyone’s boss, I do not advise anyone on how to do your respective job(s).

The more clients we get through our doors, the more our businesses grow. Keeping the feel of a traditional business model allows us to work together to create a brand name that our clients will remember, recognize and refer to. And, of course, having a variety of practitioners under one roof creates an excellent referral system!

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